VTEX Partner Tools

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VTEX Partner Tools

Aiming at uniting technology with the best of business, VTEX presents an ecosystem of companies that provide complementary services to that of the platform. This was the manner we found to unite partners in each of their specialties. Within this ecosystem, the agencies have fundamental roles, being responsible for the creation and implementation of layouts, project management and support to client's store configurations.

Thus, the creation of a structured program for these partners is required to allow their access to commercial and technical training, ticket opening procedures, community forums to exchange experiences, among other services and initiatives to integrate teams and achieve better results. Therefore, VTEX offers a series of channels as soon as you become a VTEX Partner.

Every partner has access to a test environment

VTEX is a multi-tenant SaaS platform, with a unique code and technology for all its customers. Regardless of size, company segment or country, all customers have an administrative environment with the same modules and functionalities. 

Thus, it is important that the partner has access to an identical environment to train, perform functionality tests or even use it commercially through demonstrations to customer or creation of flagship stores.  

To gain access to our partnership program, the first step is to hire your testing environment.

Training and Certification

Parallel to the testing environment, the partner also has access to a unique and online channel of courses and learning of the platform. This channel is called VTEX Academy, in which there are two types of courses available, with video lectures and study support booklets. 

One of the courses is called Reseller, and it is a preparatory module for the partner to become a certified commercial VTEX reseller. It addresses subjects like the main platform channels and modules, types of projects (B2B, B2C, B2E) and their specifications, business model and main competitors, among others. 

After the course, the attendants take a certification exam. The certified professionals will be fully supported by the VTEX commercial team on their questions, project scopes, support of materials, attendance to commercial meetings, among others. 
The certified partners will also have access to SalesForce, a Sales CRM used to record leads and opportunities. The VTEX Partner team tracks the conversion of partners, the progress with the lead and their engagement level. This allows them to have a commissioning  derived from the VTEX projects that they close. 

In addition, the Reseller-Certified Partner also begins receiving a stream of qualified leads from VTEX.

Talk with the VTEX Partner team to learn more about commissioning and lead generation. 

The second course is called Support. It is a training aimed at providing technical learning in the platform so that the professional can manage the project and support the store.

In this case, the certified professionals can open tickets for their technical questions with the Partner Care team, which is a highly qualified technical team specialized in meeting partners' demands only. The certified professional will have differentiated SLA within our service. Partners who are not certified will not have SLA response.

Access to Partners' Community – SLACK

Slack is a startup organized to improve the internal communication between people and businesses, reducing the need to exchange emails and concentrating important information in one sole place. It is the primary communication channel between VTEX and the deploying partners. 

VTEX uses Slack as a private and exclusive channel for partners, creating a large community divided according to the profile of each professional. Partners who resell VTEX have an exclusive channel for business inquiries, while developer partners discuss Front End tips and questions. In short, it is a community where partners can clarify their questions, train and share relevant information with each other. 

In addition, trainings, workshops, invitations to events, new stores, new features of the platform, among other subjects, are also disclosed.

Your contact information on the VTEX Store

The VTEX Store was created to allow prospects and customers to know and be able to contact platform partners. On this site, partners are disclosed according to some criteria: type of project that it serves, average price charged, countries and States that are present, etc. Thus, the customers can create a filter and quickly find the partners they are looking for, being able to contact them using a form. 

In order to attract more visitors to your page, the partner can customize its profile with keywords, show VTEX cases that had already served, and write descriptions to contextualize the way they work. They can also talk about specific projects they serve, such as the creation of international projects, marketplaces and B2B projects.

If you are already a partner, register all your data and your team on the VTEX Intranet, so your team has access to channels and potential customers can find you. If you are not a partner of the world's true Cloud Commerce platform, please, contact our team at partner@vtex.com