I have a first lead and I’d like to work with VTEX. How do I get started?

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Frequently, we receive contacts from new agencies interested in knowing more about our solution in order to be able to offer it in the market. Sometimes these agencies already come with defined leads, which have explicitly requested the development of the project with VTEX. In other cases, the interest of agencies/companies is to know more about a platform that is getting a greater proportion of market share in the Ecommerce market.

The fact that we count on our portfolio with clients like Whirlpool, Walmart, Disney, Sony, Motorola and others can generate a certain fear in these smaller companies that intend to work with VTEX, because unintentionally they end up assuming an extremely difficult degree when working with the platform.

The aim of this article is to show the simplicity of VTEX projects and to help you to prepare that long awaited first project on the platform.

Becoming a VTEX Partner

In order to work with VTEX, we necessarily require the interested company to become a VTEX Partner, as this is the guarantee we are giving to our customers when presenting companies as enabled agencies to implement a project on the platform. For this, we have a designed program to meet this demand. In summary, the program consists of the following steps: contact us, hire a test instance of the platform (sandbox) and complete the certification to work with our platform.

There are 2 possibilities of being a VTEX Partner: certifying yourself as Reseller (working with the sale of the platform) or as Support (working with the implementation and support of the platform to end customers). Of course the same agency can have the 2 certifications and conduct the process from the beginning to the end. In fact, this is what the most of our ecosystem does.


To become a VTEX Reseller, you need to have at least one business person dedicated in the agency. This person will be trained and assisted, so that he/she can conduct business meetings with excellence, knowing how to present the platform safely, defend the differentials against the competition and explain how it is possible to increase the conversion, average ticket and customer’s income, for example.

“The agency’s commercial person should not only understand Ecommerce and VTEX, but also the operation of the retail world. Only in this way is it possible to present solutions/architectures that solve the real challenges of brands”, explains Daniela Jurado, Head of the Reseller Program for Hispanic and New Markets.


To become an implementer of VTEX platform, the agency does NOT need a backend team at first. The platform is already set with the main functionalities which attend the clients, besides being updated daily with new features. We recommend the agency to have at least one designer profile, two programmers with knowledge in CSS, JS, HTML, API rest and Webservice, a project manager and a team responsible for performance issues. We have recently seen the tendency among some partners to have Account Managers dedicated to the accounts in operation, with the objective of building customer loyalty and accompanying support issues in general.

“It is important that the entire team be aware of VTEX platform to ensure quality development. Also, keep yourself up to date on all news and deploys, by interacting with our team through the communication tools we have, mainly: Academy, Zendesk and Slack Partners”, says Rodolfo Alves, Ecommerce and Partner Care Manager.

As in the Reseller Module, the team will receive training on the modules of the platform, best practices, etc. The frontend is fully customizable and it is agency’s entire responsibility.

Step by Step

For both modules, the certification process is simple: the agency hires an instance to know how the platform works and to develop a template or a POC on it. The contract’s acceptance is online and costs $50 per month. This instance (backend) is the tool to be used in commercial and technical meetings to explain to the customer everything that can be done in terms of functionalities and personalization.

Once the instance is activated, we will grant you access to the VTEX Partner Academy, a portal with trainings and contents to our Partners only. There, you will find training videos and tests for both commercial (Reseller) and technical (Support) teams. Once the Partner is approved on the test, it will be automatically certified as a VTEX Reseller and / or VTEX Support, being able to offer the service to the end customer. Repeating, it is possible that the same agency receives the 2 certifications and it is also recommended from the VTEX Partner team. Although there is no minimum number of people requiring certification. We always recommend that you do not limit your agency to one certified person.

In terms of benefits, besides providing its technology and allowing scalability of the projects to the agencies/companies, VTEX presents other advantages to the Partners that are certified in the program:

To contact us and be part of this great ecosystem, write to partner@vtex.com or visit en.partner.vtex.com.