VTEX and a largest and stronger ecosystem – A result promoted by the VPS

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The expansion and strengthening of VTEX globally, supported by its recent entry into the Magic Quadrant of Gartner, has been accompanied by other Ecosystem companies, who have decided to better prepare for what is to come.

Brandlive, Ecommerce Argentinian Agency with more than 10 years of experience in the Latin American market and ID Interactive, integral digital agency with active operations in the digital world since 1992.

By one side, Brandlive with a portfolio of services that includes complete consultancy in digital strategy, such as UX and design, Emarketing, performance commerce, technological development, photography, customer service, etc. By the other, ID Interactive, initially created as a digital photo retouching studio and currently recognized for value propositions that combine strategy, innovation and creativity.

The Encounter

Apparently different services found a point of intersection: VTEX, as a provider of technology services for the implementation of online stores. Both companies were already part of the official VTEX Partner ecosystem before they met, Brandlive with more than 3 years of experience in the platform and ID with a partnership that began in 2015.

As well described, Enrique Samper, Managing Director of ID, said “it was as if the stars were aligned, because we were both looking for something that the other had.” On the one hand, ID with the desire to offer a winning eCommerce product in the market that would increasingly impact the business of its brands, and on the other, Brandlive with the ambition to internationalize its business, in countries that they considered fundamental, as the Colombian market.

Contacts and exchanges of experiences started via email and phone, however, the rapprochement between companies was given in the VPS. It was on this occasion, in the words of Mariano Oriozabala, General Manager of Brandlive, “the interpersonal meeting between the parties laid the foundations on which the partnership was built.”

“This is how we demonstrate the importance of events such as VTEX DAY and VPS, which encourage networking between Agencies and Integrated Solutions, while encouraging local cases to become global,” adds Javier Boxler, VTEX Partners Program Manager for Argentina.

VTEX helping to build partnerships

Both companies found in the other the perfect ally for this union to become leaders in the ecommerce market in the region. Its objective is the medium term to radically transform the eCommerce business in Latin America, making customers perceive the added value of the Company, not as a supplier but a partner and operator of the online business.

Throughout this plan, VTEX is a fundamental link to contribute to the stability and growth of this alliance, providing solutions increasingly robust and powerful for the ecosystem. At the end and as Samper puts it, “it was VTEX, who with knowledge of the two companies, helped us to connect the points and the needs so that we could achieve this partnership. It was also fundamental knowledge VTEX had of both, because it could recommend us to each other with tranquility, criteria and clarity.

From now, the VTEX team celebrates the news and foresees great successes. “The role from the Partner team is not limited to generating direct business opportunities for certified companies in our product, but also to enlarge the opportunity scenario through innovative proposals such as the one that is taking place between Brandlive and ID Interactive“, emphasizes Daniela Jurado, Head of the Partner Program for Hispanic Markets.

With this, the market must be prepared to receive a team highly committed and able to make the eCommerce business increasingly important and the digital model of brands increasingly successful.

Welcome, Brandlive Colombia!